The Hall

The Hall is a Grade II Listed building, that was originally built as a Wesleyan Chapel, founded in 1815, but which ceased to function as such in 1936.  It does not belong to the Parish Council, but is operated separately as a charitable trust, which was first registered in 2015, with the object of "furthering or benefitting the residents of Morton-on-Swale and the surrounding area" and does so by renting out the Hall to users who "do exercise, art, have speakers, quizzes, film nights, WI, Luncheon Club, Village meetings, social meetings, private parties and functions".  For further information about the operation of the Trust please click here

The Parish Council is a "customer" of the Trust, hiring the Hall for its bi-monthly Council meetings and for other occasional public meetings in much the same way as the various social groups who run events in the Hall, although it does so via a single annual donation - ie rather than paying by the hour or session for each such meeting.”