Accounts for 2021/22

Council has now approved the final accounts and audit submission documents relating to the accounts for the year ending 31st March.  These are published on this website and can be found under The Council main menu item.  Select the Accounts option and then Latest Accounts.  There is also a Notice regarding the exercise of public rights for the inspection of accounting records and all related documents, and which explains when and how this may be arranged (by appointment only).

Council also approved the adoption of new Financial Regulations, which reflect more accurately the procedures to be followed for making payments by internet bank transfer.  The restrictions on social distancing which came into force during the Covid-19 Pandemic, together with the closure of many High Street bank branches, have obliged Councils to employ new ways of paying suppliers rather than by using cheques as was almost invariably the practice in the past.  Even though the pandemic is largely over, and social distancing measures no longer apply, these new methods have become the new norm, and the revisions to the Financial Regulations recognise this.   The updated document can be found under The Council main menu item, then select Policy & Procedure Documents. The relevant section which has been updated is Section 6.

Published: 19/05/2022 Published by: Admin

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